Horn chandelier Austrian work circa 1890

Height 76 cm

Pair of alabaster lamps circa 1940

Height 80 cm

Moon lamp in bronze and glass by Garouste and Bonetti circa 1980

Height 32 cm

Lantern in iron and glass by Alessandro Mazzucotelli

Height 176 cm diameter 33 cm

Wrought iron lantern circa 1920

Height 80 cm diameter 32 cm

Talosel lamp and horns by Aline de Corday

Height 65 cm

Metal light fixture circa 1960

Height 40 cm

Pair of Italian silver terracotta lamps circa 1960

Height 70 cm

Floor lamp in lacquered metal, Italian work circa 1960

Height 160 cm

Italian floor lamp in plexiglass and chrome circa 1970

Height 142 cm

oak lamp circa 1960

Height 32 cm

Pair of plaster wall lights circa 1940

length 60 cm width 25 cm

light ceramic basin circa 1940

Height 42 cm

Pair of earthenware lamps by Valerie Stempowska Teo Leo edition

Height 63 cm

Italian floor lamp and brass and cast iron circa 1960

Height 150 cm

Italian hanging lamp in glass circa 1960

Height 100 cm diameter 30 cm

Plaster chandelier by François Dimech

height 54 cm diameter 56 cm

Golden ceramic lamp circa 1960

Height 60cm

Italian metal lamp and glass work circa 1960

Height 61 cm

Pair of palm lamps circa 1950

Height 67 cm

Alabaster lamp circa 1950

Height 55 cm

Alabaster lamp circa 1940

Height 70 cm

Bamboo and brass lamp, Italian work circa 1970

Height 80 cm

Wire lamp circa 1950

Height 62cm length 20cm

Stone lamp circa 1960

Height 60 cm

Lamp in clay and gilded earth circa 1960

Height 60 cm

Pair of lacquered wooden lamps and gold leaves by Fabienne Jouvin

Height 74 cm

Marble lamp circa 1950

height 60 cm

Ceramic lamp, Danish work, circa 1960

Height 85 cm

Ceramic lamp Vallauris circa 1960

height 95cm

Pair of metal wall lamps circa on 1970

Height 50 cm length 50 cm

Ceramic lamp circa on 1960

height 84 cm

Vallauris' ceramic lamp, circa 1950

height 67 cm