Decorative objects

Persian bird circa 1880

Hauteur 62 cm

Box by Pietro Fornasetti circa 1960

Length 30 cm width 10 cm

Brassware vase by Jean Dunand for Dim

hauteur 30 cm

19th century Indian wedding set

Length 28 cm width 20 cm height 20 cm

Two decorative resin balls inlaid with stone circa 1970

DIameter 25 cm

Antique-style vase circa 1900

height 19 cm

Bronze bowl signed Barbedienne Paris circa 1880

Diameter 20 cm

Glass and metal vase by Alessandro Mazzucotelli circa 1910

hauteur 20 cm

Important Italian dinanderie head circa 1930

height 50 cm length 60

Faun head in marble Italy 15th century

height 19 cm

Pair of marble obelisks circa 1930

HEIght 33 cm

Cookie ceramic mask by Sacha Haillote unique piece

height 46 cm

Cookie ceramic mask by Sacha Haillote unique piece

Height 30 cm

Pair of brassware dishes from the WMF factory

diameter 26 cm

Japanese shape on straw-braided brass support circa 1950

Height 27 cm

Leather sculpture by Patrice Cadiou born 1947 circa 1980

height 158 cm

Finnish ceramic wall panel circa 1970

height 133 cm

Alfred Daguet box

length 25 cm width 13 cm

vegetable sculpture by Marguerite Wohlers circa 1970

Height 150 cm

Wool and rope tapestry circa 1960

length 188 cm width 143 cm

Bronze bust of Irma Guidici Russo

height 39 cm

Bronze bust of Irma Guidici Russo

Height 39 cm

carved wooden cup circa 1950

Diameter 32cm

The butterfly mask: Dando Boni region - BWA ethnic group - Burkina Faso

length 200 cm width 50 cm

Democritus stone bust circa 1940

Height 60 cm diameter 35 cm

Metal bird, Italian work circa 1960

Height 28 cm diameter 28 cm

Coffre italien en nacre circa 1970

length 28 cm width 20 cm

Silver brassware vase circa 1970

Gouache by Frédéric de Luca

Valerie Stempowska's canvas